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pen(ny) from the block: Some thoughts on Juan Bago & O's "Dominican Problems"


I’m awestruck by these guys. I’ve been a fan since 2011’s “Pan Con Queso,” their clever take on “Black and Yellow.” It’s easy to write Juan Bago & O’s work off as spoofy farce or satire. But digger a little deeper and their music is connected to several (NYC) Latin(o) American traditions…

"Boy from the hood but got White House clearance"

"Boy from the hood but got White House clearance"

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i’m trying be like Don Draper and Big Pun, all rolled into one. 

i’m trying be like Don Draper and Big Pun, all rolled into one. 

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Chris Arnade Photography: How to get a ticket if white in Hunts Point


Update: I wrote the below post in middle of August. This Sunday I ran into Vinny. He happily told me that both of Maria’s tickets where dismissed after he brought a copy of my write-up to the judge.

(Maria with tickets)

As the summer heat intensifies, the apartment buildings in Hunts Point…

2nd NYT Bronx prostitution story in under 2 months


In less than two months, the NYT has done two unrelated prostitution stories from one Bronx neighborhood.  In NYC’s hundreds of other neighborhoods during this time period, the prostitution story tally appears to be zero.

 This one is about a Wall Street bigwig whose “hobby” is photographing Hunts Point ladies of the night. He does it, he says, “to help me relax from the stress of the job.”

The banker is “taken aback by the honesty” of his subjects, as well as by “how self-aware” they are.  

The wealthy rediscovering their humanity amongst the downtrodden is a shopworn cliche.  We at the BDC find the banker’s actions voyeuristic and offensive.  They appear to serve merely his own titillation and we are unclear why his actions merit yet another Bronx prostitution story.  We expect more from the paper of record.

Mike Kamber